Ben's Adventure in Europe


In an effort to learn more about Sitrex TMR mixers, Ben made a trip to the factory to meet with the engineers and production team. SItrex began producing TMR mixers several years ago with the acquisition of the AGM brand, a product that has been sold in North America for many years. AGM pioneered the concept of a vertical feeder mixer, and the acquisition of AGM came with significant intellectual property rights and many talented employees.

Sitrex now produces TMR mixers under the label Sitrex / AGM. Machines are produced in the Sitrex factory which has expanded greatly to accomodate the new assembly line for TMR mixers. Ben was able to spend time with the SItrex engineers, sharing knowledge both ways, and offering a clear undersatnding of the needs of the dairy and cattle industry in the Midwest.

In addition to the factory visit, Ben travelled in Holland with the Sitrex importer, visiting several large dairy operations to get some hands-on training with the self-propelled TMR mixer. A local Ohio dairyman was also on scene to evaluate the product and see if it fit with his operations in Ohio. We expect a new self-propelled unit to be in his hands in the near future.

Our marketing team will be promoting the tow-behind TMR mixers at the fall and winter trade shows, as well as visiting several select dealers in our territory to introduce the product. With Sitrex's capabilities and our existing market needs, we see a bright future for the Sitrex / AGM brand of mixer in our territory.

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