Highline BP660 Bale Pro­®


The BP660 Bale Pro is a great option for cattle operations looking for a durable, well engineered bale processor. The 660 Bale Pro has a dual feed roller processing chamber with a centrally driven flail drum processor.

The Bale Pro™ 660 Processor is new for 2021, with several upgrades and performance improvements to the 650 model. These improvements include: new discharge door, new rear deflectors, updated screen design for better material containment, improved side shields, new hose holder to make hooking up much easier, updated motor protection valve, new fork length to 67.5", and new fork position indicator to make loading a second bale easier.

The heart of the unit is the dual feed processing chamber, with a digitally balanced flail rotor fitted with spiral mounted flails. The flails are optimally designed to bite into the bale for a uniform feed size. The new and improved through-shaft design is machined from a single length of material, greatly improving the strength and durability of the rotor drum.

The Highline feed rollers now come with four rows of aggressive steel teeth. The design pulls the feed through for more consistent processing and reduced material build up. Dual feed rollers allow the flail drum to be centrally located in the chamber. An adjustable aggression setting allows the flails to engage the bale from ⅛" up to 1-¾" for slow or fast processing.

Expand your 660 to a CFR (Complete Feed Ration) system by adding a Feed Chopper and Grain Tank with MGI (Metered Grain Insertion). The Highline modular CFR system is a Highline Ag-Innovation. The CFR modular system allows you to add components to your Bale Pro as your operation requirements shift. The Bale Pro aggressively spins and loosens the bale (in either direction) for uniform feeding into the flail shredder, blowing away dust, mold and mildew making feed more palatable.

The Highline Feed Chopper is a secondary processing option that allows you to produce a shorter cut length. Shorter cut length increases the surface area of the feed for more efficient digestion. The Grain Tank, with Metered Grain Insertion capability, produces controlled, ground driven metering ensuring ration-based feeding. The grain is inserted, rather than dropped into the hay resulting in an even feed mix.

More Information
  • Base 660 Bale Pro recommended PTO HP: 100 HP
  • Transport width: 108"
  • Max height (bale forks raised): 152.5"
  • Hydraulics: 3 remotes required
  • Driveline: 1,000 rpm, 1-3/8"x21 spline with shear bolt
  • Tires: 16.5L x 16.1
  • Size of bales: up to 6' diameter
  • Discharge: right hand
  • Transport lights: standard
  • Safety chain: standard
  • Unit weight: 5180 lbs.
  • Tongue weight (unloaded): 1755 lbs. 
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