Highline BP661 Bale Pro­®


Process bales your way with the BP661® Bale Pro, utilizing a slat and chain feeding system. Adjust how aggressively you process the bale with settings from ¾" to 2" flail engagement for the most efficient processing.

The 661 Bale Pro® is a great option for cattle operations looking for a durable, well-engineered bale processor. The 661 Bale Pro® has a slat and chain processing chamber with an offset flail drum. The drum is digitally balanced for smooth performance, and the spiral formation of the flail blades ensures that the bale is continuously pulled and processed resulting in consistent feed.

The 661 Bale Pro® is new for 2021, including these new features: new discharge door, new fork length and fork position indicator, new side shields and rear deflector, new screen design for better material containment, new drive tensioning system, and new hose holder for much easier hook-up.

Expand your 661 Bale Pro® to a CFR (Complete Feed Ration System) by adding a Feed Chopper™ and Grain Tank with MGI™.  The CFR modular system allows you to add components to your Bale Pro as your operation requirements shift.

The Highline Feed Chopper is a secondary processing option that allows you to produce a shorter cut length. Shorter cut length increases the surface area of the feed for more efficient digestion. The Grain Tank, with Metered Grain Insertion capability, produces controlled, ground driven metering ensuring ration-based feeding. The grain is inserted, rather than dropped into the hay resulting in an even feed mix.

More Information
  • Base 661 Bale Pro recommended PTO HP: 100 HP
  • Transport width: 107.5"
  • Max height (bale forks raised): 152.5"
  • Hydraulics: 3 remotes required
  • Driveline: 1,000 rpm, 1-3/8"x21 spline with shear bolt
  • Tires: 16.5L x 16.1
  • Size of bales: up to 6' diameter
  • Discharge: right hand
  • Weight: 5,756 lbs.
  • Tongue weight (unloaded): 1,895 lbs.
  • Transport lights: standard
  • Safety chain: standard
  • Contact us for factory installed options and pricing
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