Highline BP663 Bale Pro Top Gun®


The Highline TOP GUN® is a rugged, highly effective implement for industrial and agricultural covering, feeding and bedding applications. It provides uniform coverage as it throws material up to 85 feet, or feeds by gently dropping a windrow from its side discharge.

With the 11' high nozzle, the TOP GUN® can easily reach over the top of bunks and fences to blow straw into pens to bed cattle or use the optional hydraulic discharge door to feed into bunks.

The BP663 is new for 2021 with theses new features: new side shields and rear deflectors, new hose holder for easier hook-up, new fork design with the ability to easily load large round or square bales.

The TOP GUN® makes feeding and bedding a quick and comfortable process for the cattle as well as yourself. How many times has an open gate ended with chasing cattle back into the pen? Frustration, lost time and potentially dangerous situations are all something that producers want to avoid, and now can with the Highline TOP GUN®.

The TOP GUN® is a valuable tool for a variety of applications such as odor control for manure storage areas and landfills, temporary erosion control for sloped areas like newly seeded highway ditches, as well as soil remediation after forest fires and land reclamation in the oil, gas and mining industries. With the ability to shred and blow straw from large round or square bales, the TOP GUN® has far greater capacity than many of the commercial straw blowers on the market today.

More Information
  • Base 663 Top Gun recommended PTO HP: 160 HP
  • Transport width: 110"
  • Max height (bale forks raised): 190"
  • Hydraulics: 3 remotes required
  • Driveline: 1,000 rpm, 1-3/8"x21 spline
  • Tires: 16.5L x 16.1
  • Size of bales: up to 6' diameter
  • Discharge: left/center/right
  • Weight: 8,230 lbs.
  • Tongue weight (unloaded): 2,857 lbs.
  • Transport lights: standard
  • Safety chain: standard
  • Contact us for factory installed options and pricing
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