Highline CFR1251 Bale Pro®


Highline takes precision ration delivery and flexibility to a higher level with the CFR1251 Bale Pro®. This model represents the future of bale processors, utilizing dual chambers and independent settings, allowing forage blending for optimal performance and the highest economic benefit.

When good bales are scarce or efficiency is critical, the CFR1251 provides the flexibility to blend two bales into a healthy ration. When mixing bales, the ability to meter in grain, chop hay and bed down cattle with a single machine is all part of the fundamental operation of a Highline Bale Pro®.

The CFR1251 Bale Pro® is a dual-chamber bale processor which offers many of the same benefits as a TMR Mixer. The 1251 provides the flexibility to process two bales at once, blending different types of forage into a healthy ration. With winter feed costs accounting for as much as 50% of total production costs, managing this variable can make or break the profitability of a cow calf operation. The ability to utilize lower quality forage, along with high quality additives, maximizes the efficiency of a winter feeding program and is critical in extending feed supplies in years when good hay is in short supply.

When equipped with the optional Grain Tank with MGI™ and Feed Chopper™, the CFR1251 really is an all-purpose machine that rivals a TMR in producing a mixed forage / grain ration. And it does this with less operational costs and lower capital investment. The CFR1251 is also an excellent machine for bedding and that’s something a TMR can’t do. In many cattle operations, the CFR1251 may be a wiser investment than a TMR mixer.

More Information
  • Base 1251 Bale Pro recommended PTO HP: 135 HP
  • Transport width: 123"
  • Transport height: 116"
  • Hydraulics: 3 remotes required
  • Driveline: 1,000 rpm, 1-3/8"x21 spline with shear bolt
  • Tires: 21.5L x 16.1
  • Size of bales: up to 6' diameter
  • Discharge: Right Hand
  • Rear view cameras: standard
  • Transport lights: standard
  • Safety chain: standard
  • Contact us for factory installed options and pricing
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