CUTTING EDGE BOLT-ON ⅝" x 6" x 60"

This item is a bolt-on cutting edge ⅝" x 6" x 60" with mounting hardware.

Replacing the bolt-on edge of your ATI bucket will keep your bucket in top performing shape for years. Many ATI buckets are pre-drilled to accept a bolt-on edge. Replacement edges are manufactured to fit precisely and securely. They are made of high quality steel with a double bevel cutting edge for extended life.

This cutting edge is designed to fit precisely with ATI 500 through 900 series buckets that are 60" wide.

More Information
  • High carbon steel
  • Double bevel cutting edge
  • Designed to fit ATI 60" buckets, series 500 to 900
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Shipping weight: 65 lbs.
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