This ZMLE is a slope mower with a unique design that allows for two mounting positions on the tractor to satisfy full offset mowing, or full center mount mowing.

This slope mower has a patented design feature which allows the parallel linkage arms from the mowing unit to be mounted in two different positions on the head stock. The mower can be mounted on the left hand side of the head stock for central mowing directly behind the tractor, or on the right hand side of the head stock for full offset and slope mowing position.

The ZMLE is designed for tractors between 40 and 70 horsepower, ideally with a Cat II three point hitch. The mowing unit can be fitted with flail blades or hammer blades on the same rotor. The price shown reflects the price of the unit with 22 hammer blades, suitable for mowing grass or brush up to 1.75" in diameter,

More Information
  • Tractor HP: 40 - 70
  • Minimum tractor weight: 3086
  • Minimum tractor width: 7'3"
  • Cutting width: 5'4"
  • Slope angle down: 48º Slope angle up: 90º
  • Number of hammer blades: 22