Ferri ZMTE Slope Mowers are designed for extra reach to the right hand side of the tractor. These machines are suitable for roadside maintenance, bike and snowmobile trails, park districts, and anywhere that requires mowing on a berm or slope.

The ZMTE-1600 has a working width of 5'5", and a maximum offset of 9'2" measured from the tractor center line.

Ferri ZMTE Series of slope mowers are designed for maximum reach to the right of the tractor center line. The mower gearbox is mounted outside the transmission which allows for several more inches of reach.

ZMTE mowers require mounting on a Category 2 three point hitch. Overall tractor weight is critical to maintaining stability when using this machine in a full offset position. Tractors should be fitted with two sets of remotes to power the two cylinders on the unit. One cylinder controls in and out functions, and the other cylinder controls the slope angle of the flail head.

More Information
  • Cutting width: 5'4"
  • Maximum offset: 9'2" (Offset measured from center line of tractor to right hand edge)
  • Flail head angle: 45º down, 90º up
  • Tractor HP range: 50-65
  • Minimum tractor weight: 4900 lbs.
  • Floating frame allows mower to follow ground contours
  • Gearbox overrunning clutch
  • Rotor with internally sealed bearings
  • Blades: 20 hammer style
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