Multivator frame package for two or three tillage heads, and tractors up to 80 horsepower.

Multivator sets the standard for rotary powered cultivation in specialty crops. If the crop grows in a row, the between-row spaces can be kept weed free with the Multivator. The machine has its roots in Italy, where a diverse range of specialty crops require aggressive weed control, with a minimum of chemical inputs.

Ford Distributing has been importing the Multivator in North America for well over thirty years. We work with a select group of dealers and distributors who understand the needs of the specialty crop grower, and can custom design a unit to meet many specific gower requirements.

The FP range of Multivator fits many compact diesel and utility tractors. FP models fit the widest range of farming operations, from small growers to large. The main gearbox is rated to over 80 horsepower, the drive units have heavy duty #80 roller chain, and there is 20" of ground clearance under the hex drive shaft. The tillage head width on the FP model can be configured as narrow as 9" and as wide as 32".

Typically, the number of heads on the Multivator correlates to the number of rows that are planted at a time. Two row planters require three head Multivators, four row planters require five head Multivators, and so on. Please contact us for a specific machine build to fit your application.

More Information
  • FP tool bar 66"
  • Hex drive shaft 41mm
  • Comer gearbox
  • Adjustable gauge wheels
  • Three point hitch adjustable for Cat 1 or 2 specs
  • Note: PTO shaft is not included in package price - see related items below
  • Tillage heads ordered separately