This item is an aggressive cultivation tool for seedbed preparation, food plot work, cultivation between vineyard rows and fast site work for highway grass seeding operations.

Frontline SC 3-in-1 Cultivators work aggressively to till, level and finish the ground. With three operations in one pass you can save time and money when preparing ground for planting. These tools have a variety of applications, from seedbed preparation, to weed control, to keeping rows clean in vienyards and orchards.

The vibrating shank action loosens soil and breaks up clods for improved water penetration. The replaceable points can reach a depth of 6". A spring-loaded spike tooth bar follows the S-tines to level and break up clods. An aggressive spring-loaded rolling crumbler completes the work by mulching and leveling the soil.

The SC cultivator has a tapered frame which means the machine can operate in tight row conditions without damaging the crop. The frame has 3 rows of S-tines that are staggered for complete coverage. The high ground clearance and staggered shank spacing allows good flow through for residue.

More Information
  • Working width: 5'
  • Number of shanks: 9
  • Frame constructed of 2" square tubing
  • 6.5" spacing between shanks
  • 20" clearance from ground
  • Quick hitch compatible.
  • Optional: Gauge wheel kit - Item No. RSCGW