Frontline 3-point hitch roller. Designed and built in the United States. Heavy wall tubing, solid continuous rod axle, precision ball bearings.

Frontline heavy wall rollers are available in three point hitch, or drawbar pull. At the heart of this roller is a 20” diameter cylindrical steel pipe, with a wall thickness of ¼“. The roller axle is solid steel rod and is continuous through the length of the roller. Heavy duty pillow block bearings support the axle at each end.

All Frontline rollers can be filled with water to increase the rolling weight. The fill plug is 1” in diameter and located in the end wall of the roller for easy access. Additional weight may be added to the weight box that is sized to accept concrete blocks. The weight box is 16.5" front to back and 1" deep.

A rugged 3-point hitch frame is perfectly sized for standard quick hitch mounting. The operator can back up to the roller and couple the 3-point hitch quickly and safely. Retractable parking stands insure that the roller is in the correct position for 3-point hitch mounting ease.

Frontline three point hitch rollers are manufactured by Northstar Attachments in Yakima, Washington. Northstar designs and builds rugged attachments for farming and ranching, with all production being done in their Yakima facility. Our company has a long association with Northstar and is proud to distribute many of their attachments throughout the midwest. 

  • Roller overall width: 6'
  • Roller diameter: 20"
  • Roller wall thinckness: ¼"
  • Roller weight empty: 540 lbs.
  • Roller weight filled: 1,340 lbs.
  • Tractor mounting: Category 1, 3-point hitch - quick-hitch compatible
  • Integral weight box dimensions: 16.5" wide x 1" deep


1. How heavy should a lawn roller be?
A 3-point hitch lawn roller can be weighted with water or sand to achieve additional down pressure, increasing the ability of the roller to compact the ground. The Frontline roller also has a weight box built into the frame.

2. Does a 3 point hitch have down pressure?
The tractor 3-point hitch can be used to apply additional down pressure on the lawn roller.

More Information
  • Category 1, 3-point hitch
  • Quick hitch compatible
  • Roller working width: 6"
  • Roller diameter: 20"
  • Weight empty: 540 lbs.
  • Weight filled: 1385 lbs.
  • Additional weight box built into frame
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