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This is a mid-range post driver designed to fit many tractors and skid steers. This driver does not require a separate pump and tank system due to the unique action of the "master cylinder".

Skid steer post driver hook up has always been a bit of a mystery. Shaver developed the "master cylinder" post driver in order to take some of the mystery out of the process. The master cylinder allows for quick and easy hook up, eliminating the need for routing a hydraulic return hose through the skid-steer hydraulic system. Both pressure and return lines are routed through the auxiliary ports, allowing for quick hook up and removal of the post driver. This also eliminates the need for the separate hydraulic tank and pump system which is a costly option for skid steer mounting.

Note: this driver can be mounted to a tractor, which eliminates the need for a return adapter to the tractor hydraulic system. One pair of tractor remote couplers would be required.

More Information
  • Impact: 71,500 lbs.
  • Max post width: 8.75"
  • Max post length: 10'
  • Tilt and offset: 15 degrees
  • Flow requirement: 18 GPM
  • Manual screw adjust base plate for tilt and offset.
  • Mount must be ordered separately