ATI Corporation’s Level Best laser grading box is a truly unique product. Utilizing laser controls and a digital proportional control valve, Level Best can help you increase productivity and decrease costs, all without sacrificing grading accuracy, and on top of that, the Level Best system is built to last through the daily abuse presented on the job. The Level Best system’s true strength, though, lies in its ease of use. One key advantage of the Level Best system is that, unlike other laser grading techniques, it requires only a single operator. Once you have set up the Level Best and a rotating laser beacon, the technology takes over and essentially does all of the work for you. The Level Best system can grade up to 50,000 square feet in a normal eight-hour day without the need for costly motor-graders, dozers, or tractor-loader backhoes, and the Level Best grading box’s unique hydraulic system also ensures greater accuracy and reliability than other systems on the market. The Level Best system is not only an excellent tool in its own right, but also makes a fantastic, versatile addition to the skid-steer or tractor you already own.
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SpecificationsBox width: 72" Box capacity (FRONT): 11.5 Box capacity (REAR): 7.0 Universal skid-steer mount. Note: Price does include proportional hydraulic valve Note: Price does not include laser controls Contact us for a full quote on a Level Best laser grading system.