Maschio UFO represents a new generation of tillage tool. Designed to replace conventional discs, field cultivators and residue management tools with one machine, compact discs can operate in a variety of conditions and achieve a wide variety of results.

The heart of the UFO is the large 24" diameter concave disc. Larger diameter means more soil contact than smaller discs, and the shape of the disc promotes excellent residue chopping and mixing action, all while allowing for maximum trash clearance in high residue situations. Each disc is independently mounted on a double coil spring which allows for movement in three dimensions and compensates for varying ground conditions and stones. The ground clearance is an extremely generous 28".  Front and rear disc gangs are perfectly overlapped to provide consistent tillage across the full working width.  Each disc is mounted on a long life, sealed bearing hub. Here are a few things that a compact disc does differently than other conventional tillage or vertical tillage tools: operate at a high speed (8-12 mph is desired); chop and mix residue in the top 6" - 12" of the tillage zone; preserve soil structure with less aggressive soil movement; reduce compaction when compared to conventional discs. Please contact us for an accurate price quote from an authorized Maschio UFO dealer, and demonstration requirements.

More Information
SpecificationsTillage width: 19.75' Transport width: 10' HP requirement: 325 and up