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Maschio W model is a three point hitch rotary tiller with full offset capabilities. This means it can be positioned to the right of the tractor centerline for cultivating outside of the right hand tractor tire. This is useful if the tractor tires are set wider than the tiller. The Maschio W is available in working widths of 49", 57" or 65". It is suitable for tractors up to 40 horsepower and can be used for light commercial applications such as landscaping, garden tilling, and seed-bed preparation on smaller farms. We fit all of our Maschio rotary tillers with friction disc safety clutches to prevent damage to the tiller and the tractor when the blades hit an obstruction. The W series can till approximately 7" deep and has adjustable depth control skids to set the working depth. A heavy flared trailing board can be positioned to smooth out the soil, or raised out of work to allow soil to flow through and give a rough, cloddy finish.
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Specifications57" working width Category 1, 3-point hitch Depth skids, working depth to 7" #80 roller chain 4 blades per flange (28 total blades) Maximum offset 48" to right of center