Replacement blade kit for model FPSR and FPSRXA Multivator tillers.

The heart of the Multivator rotary cultivator is the rotor assembly with overlapping, rotating cutting blades. Multivator blades are manufactured by a tiller blade company that makes original equipment blades for many of the top manufacturers in the agricultural equipment world.

Multivator blades are constructed of high carbon, high quality steel. Blades are forged and stamped to exacting standards, and finished off with a beveled cutting edge. Multivator blades are hardened and tempered to provide the appropriate combination of wearing life and shatter resistance. Blades that are hardened too much have a tendency to shatter when striking a rock. Blades need to be soft enough to resist shattering, but still maintain good wearability.

Equally important as the tiller blade, is the blade mounting bolt. Loose blades, or broken blade bolts, can cause problems during cultivation, and of course during harvest. Multivator blade bolts are hardened metric bolts with a shear resistant shoulder. The shoulder is positioned at the shearing point between the blade and the rotor flange. This eliminates any weak points that would be created with a fully threaded blade bolt, and minimizes bolt breakage. 

It is usually recommended to replace the blade bolts at the same time the Multivator blades are replaced. Each blade bolt kit contains one bolt, lock washer and nut. Each Multivator blade requires two bolt kits. For the appropriate blade bolt, see the related items below.

Note: replacement blades are supplied in even quantities of right hand and left hand blades.


More Information
  • Standard blade for models FPSR & FPSRXA
  • Use blade bolt assembly M200058
  • Kit contains one left hand and one right hand blade
  • Note: sold in pairs only
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