The Bradco Magnum Mulcher is a rugged track loader attachment designed for land clearing, right-of-way maintenance, utility line clearing and pipeline maintenance. This unit is packed with features and engineered to perform day after day in the toughest working conditions.

Bradco's Magnum Series Mulcher is a low profile mulching head that reduces trees and brush to mulch in a matter of seconds. With the head mounted on a skid steer you can drive into a tree, push it over and mulch it up.

The head is powered through a smooth self-aligning belt drive and a heavy duty, bent axis, variable displacement hydraulic motor. The synchronous belt drive system eliminates belt and drive sprocket slippage. This model requires five hydraulic lines for power and return, case drain, and hydraulic door function.

Replaceable carbide teeth are mounted to fixed hammers on the rotor and can be interchanged easily with claw-style teeth for a more aggressive bite in softer woods. The unit will easily shred hardwood trees up to 8" in diameter.

Note: please submit RFQ for accurate mounting for your specific loader model.

More Information
  • Designed for skid steer mounting
  • Hammers: 54
  • Hydraulic flow: 30 to 45 GPM 
  • Five line hydraulic connection required
  • Operating pressure: 3,500 - 5,000 psi 
  • Note: price does not include tooth set or hose kit