Best Snow Plows, Spreaders & More From SaMASZ

Best Snow Plows, Spreaders & More From SaMASZ

It's important to have top-of-the-line machinery when it comes to snow removal. SaMASZ has developed a line of snow plows and spreaders built to take on the harshest of winter conditions. Take a closer look at some of our best-selling snow removal equipment from this reputable brand.

SaMASZ Snow Plows

SaMASZ Snow Plows are built to move large amounts of snow from sidewalks, city streets, long driveways and access roads at high speeds. Designed to mount on agricultural tractors, these plows have a variety of features that make them essential to ongoing winter maintainence.

The CITY line of snow plows are a great option if you are looking for a tractor mounted snow plow. These plows are specifically designed for compact and utility tractors, skid steers and mini loaders. This line is perfect for farms or professional contractors.

Another great option for agricultural operations is the SaMASZ Alps Snow Plow, designed for mounting on larger farm tractors or loaders. The quick-change mounting system on this plow enables it to mount to many different machines, making it extremely versatile. Overall, hydraulic angling, trip-edge blades, and V-plow capability are just a few of the features that make SaMASZ snow plows some of the best machines for efficient snow removal.

SaMASZ Sand & Salt Spreaders

In addition to snow plows, SaMASZ manufactures a variety of sand and salt spreaders for winter applications. A popular model is the Vortex Spreader, which is a great option for quickly spreading sand and salt over parking lots and roads.

The Sahara Self-Loading Spreader is another innovative self-loading drop spreader, which mounts on Cat 2 three-point hitch tractors. Two sets of controls operate the cylinder and the dosing mechanism, making it possible to fill the spreader without a loader. When it comes to maintaining safe conditions throughout the winter months, SaMASZ spreaders are reliable and effective.

We're proud to offer multiple heavy duty snow removal products from SaMASZ and can help you find the right one for your application. Contact our Customer Service team today for assistance.

Check out the Storm 300 model in action.