How To Choose The Right Brush Cutter This Spring

How To Choose The Right Brush Cutter This Spring

Brush Cutters come in many shapes and sizes, designed for different applications and prime movers. We specialize in brush cutters and can help you choose the correct model.

We offer several different models of mowers. These models include light duty grass mowers and heavy duty brush beasts. Heavy duty models are capable of cutting up to 6" to 8" in diameter.

Brush Cutters are sized to match the skid steer hydraulic flow. Hydraulic flow rates of 18 to 25 gallons per minute put the operator squarely in the "standard duty" model range. These machines typically have cutting capacities up 4" in diameter.

CID manufactures our most popular range of standard duty brush cutters. View the CID range here: CID Brush Cutters

High flow skid steers with 25 to 40 GPM can handle heavier models such as the Bradco Ground Shark. The Ground Shark can cut brush and limbs up to 8" in diameter. The Ground Shark will mulch cut material with the addition of carbide teeth to the underside of the blade carrier.

The operator may need to mow in front and to the side of the skid steer, both uphill and downhill. In this case the CID Swing Arm Cutter may be the most versatile option. Check out the Swing Arm Cutter here: CID Swing Arm

PTO power and tractor size gives the operator more options. Compact tractors can handle smaller models with 2" cutting capacity. Utility tractors in the 50 HP range can handle some serious cutters with 4" capacity. Large tractors with 1,000 RPM PTO power can handle models like the Brown Tree Cutter for professional contracting work.

Our most popular model for utility tractors is the Brown 410 series brush cutter. Check out all of the Brown Manufacturing brush cutters here: Brown Rotary Cutters

The most extreme land clearing jobs will require a true mulching unit. The Bradco Mulcher from Paladin is the proven option for professional contractors. These machines will work all day in the most demanding conditions. Your track loader must have a case drain line, and a minimum flow rate of 30 GPM. The optional radiator cooling will keep your Magnum Mulcher operating in extreme temperatures.

Please contact us when you are looking for a brush cutter. Our sales team is well versed in the features and benefits of the products we carry. We will help you get the right brush cutter for the job!