Benefits of the Harley Power Landscape Rake

Benefits of the Harley Power Landscape Rake

Power Landscape Rakes have a variety of benefits that make them an industry favorite. First a little background on these machines:

Professional landscapers are experts at utilizing tractors, skid steers, track loaders and other prime movers. Prime movers are a big investment for most landscapers. In order to recoup this investment, the landscaper must utilize the prime mover as often as possible.

A Power Landscape Rake is an attachment for a prime mover. The power landscape rake creates many opportunities for the landscaper to maximize the use of the prime mover.

Several different manufacturers make Power Landscape Rakes. We prefer the Harley Power Landscape Rake. Harley is the brand that started and developed this segment of the attachment market.

The name Harley was trade marked by the Glenmac Corporation in the early 1980’s. Paladin Attachments purchased the Harley brand from Glenmac in 2005.

Here are the benefits of the Harley Power Landscape Rake-

Landscape professionals use the Harley Power Rake to clear, level and finish a job site, prior to seeding or sodding. This is the primary use of a power landscape rake. Skilled operators know that a power landscape rake can replace multiple attachments. The Harley Power Rake can replace box scrapers, scraper blades, rippers and rotary tillers.

The heart of the Harley Power Rake is the carbide toothed rotor. The rotor is bi-directional which allows the operator to work the soil in both directions of travel. Out of the box, this makes the power rake twice as efficient as a single-pass landscaping tool.

The design of the rotor, and the placement of the carbide teeth, creates the perfect seedbed for establishing new grass seed. The rotor does this by fracturing the soil structure with each tooth strike. Dragging landscape tools, like a box scraper, through the soil will create a hard pan causing poor seed germination. The fracturing effect of the Harley rotor creates the perfect environment for new seeds to flourish.

The second main feature of the power rake is the Rhino-Hide™ vinyl barrier. This polyurethane barrier allows the operator to control how much soil flows over the rotor on the finished pass. Different soil types demand different finishes, and the operator has total control of the seedbed they are creating.

The Harley Power Rake is a great tool for getting on the job site early in the spring. The power rake will help to dry out the site and remove standing water. Getting on the job site earlier will make the landscaper more productive and create more opportunities.

Site clearing is another important landscaping job. The Harley Power Rake will clear the site of construction debris. It will level out hills and low spots. It will clear up the mess created by the bull dozer and other construction traffic.

The machine has the ability to windrow rocks, bricks and other debris to one side of the site. Hydraulic angling, and the bi-directional rotor make windrowing easy. Moveable end plates allow the operator to choose which side of the machine traps dirt and debris for removal.

Dual depth control wheels are adjustable to keep the machine at the proper tilling depth. Attach a Paladin Tilt-Attach to the skid steer to tilt the power rake for making waterways and terraces.

The combination of a track-loader and a Harley Power Landscape Rake is the most versatile package. Click here to view the M6 Harley Power Rake and Track-Loader. Harley Power Rakes can also be used on tractors. Click here to view the Harley T6 tractor model.