This is a farm-oriented snow blade designed for larger tractors, or wheel loaders, and built to move large amounts of snow quickly on long driveways and access roads. In a municipal setting, a summer mowing tractor can be put to use in the winter for road clearing, adding productivity to the fleet.

SaMASZ Alps Snow Plow is a full featured plow designed for front mounting on a farm tractor, wheel loader or telehandler. A quick-change mounting system allows the Alps Plow to be mounted on a variety of different prime movers.

The mulit-function blade is equipped with simple controls for left and right angling and V-plow mode. A spring loaded trip edge protects the blade from unseen obstacles. Rear mounted guide wheels control the plowing height and a stout parking jack ensures the blade is easy to hook up and remove from the tractor.

More Information
  • Working width: 10' 10"
  • Weight: 800 lbs.
  • Moldboard height: 38"
  • Hydraulic angling: up to 30°
  • Hydraulic couplers required: 1 pair
  • Hitch: 3 point, or custom
  • LED lights with lighter connection
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