The Bradco Post Driver is designed specifically for skid steer, or track loader, mounting. This post driver is easy to hook up to your prime mover, with no need for additional hydraulic tanks, or hydraulic diverter kits, that some other brands require. 

Simple operation is the name of the game with the Bradco driver. Choose the correct size collar for the post diameter, and you will never mushroom a post again. Collars and striker plates are easy to change out for different diameter posts.

To make things simple, this SKU is priced with the 8" collar and striker plate package. For other post sizes, please contact us for an accurate price quote.

Bradco Post Drivers operate off the skid steer auxiliary hydraulics and do not require an independent tank and pump. The driver has a smooth operation with no shock load back to the skid steer. Different size striker plates and collars can accommodate a wide variety of post dimensions. The collar assembly fits snugly and will not mushroom the top of wooden posts.

A side shift function allows the operator to position the post with accuracy. For the ultimate set-up the PD4800 can be matched to the Bradco Tilt-Attach which allows the operator to easily level up the posts when driving on a slope.

Note: this SKU includes the 8" collar and striker plate for driving 8" square posts. Other striker plates and collar sizes are shown in the related items below.

More Information
  • Hammer weight from factory: 289 lbs.
  • Hammer weight max: 600 lbs.
  • Includes 8" collar and striker plate for 8" square posts
  • Strokes per minute: 42
  • Hydraulic pressure min: 2000 psi
  • hydraulic flow max: 24 GPM
  • Includes hydraulic hoses and ½" flat-face couplers
  • Optional striker plates and collars for other size posts available