Bradco SG26 Stump Grinder is designed for standard flow skid steers and will take out stumps at 12" below ground level.

The Bradco SG26 is designed for standard flow skid steers and will operate effectively with 16-23 GPM hydraulic flow. One cylinder controls side to side swing, while a separate cylinder controls the cutting wheel height. 

Note: An electric over hydraulic control box mounted in the cab controls hydraulic flow to the cylinders. This control box must be ordered separately. Alternatively a dedicated wiring harness may be available for a specific skid steer model.

More Information
  • Width: 58" Height: 37" Length: 73"
  • Hydraulic flow 16-23 GPM
  • Cutting wheel diameter: 26"
  • Cutting depth: 10" below ground level
  • Swing arc: 60° (covers 45" in a single sweep)
  • Number of teeth: 28
  • Grouser pad stabilization
  • Dial adjustment swing speed control
  • Includes hydraulic hoses with ½" flat-face couplers
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