Bradco SG30 Stump Grinder is designed for high-flow skid steers. Note: the price shown is for the base unit only, and does not include the cutter wheel option, and other attachments. Send in the RFQ for an accurate price quote for a particular skid steer model.

The SG30 is designed for high flow flow skid steers and will operate effectively with 29-44 GPM hydraulic flow. One cylinder controls side to side swing, while a separate cylinder controls the cutting wheel height. An electric over hydraulic control box mounted in the cab controls hydraulic flow to the cylinders.

Note: Price does not include cutting wheel, hydraulic hose kit, or wiring harnesses. Contact us for pricing on a complete unit.

More Information
  • Width: 58" Height: 37" Length: 73"
  • Hydraulic flow 29-44 GPM
  • Cutting wheel diameter: 30"
  • Cutting depth: 12"
  • Swing arc: 60° (covers 45" in single pass)
  • Number of teeth: 28
  • Swing speed control
  • Grouser pad stabilization