HAY SPEAR, STRAIGHT, 1-¾" (45mm) x 49"

Replacement bale spear 45mm (1.75") x 49" overall.

Frontline Hay Spears are designed for custom fabrication of bale handling equipment and come in a variety of sizes and styles, with sleeves and conical nuts, mounting brackets, or cross-drilled. Lengths between 39" to 49" are available. These spears have superior weight ratings and are fatigue tested.

The sleeve on this spear is designed to be welded into your frame, and the spear bolts easily in place in the sleeve. The straight spear base eliminates the risk of breakage at the base.

More Information
  • Spear dimensions: 1-¾" x 49"
  • Style: straight spear, cross drilled with sleeve and bolt
  • Rated capacity: 3,600 lbs.