Harley TM4 Power Rake is designed to fit on smaller compact tractors but offers all of the features of the larger Harley tractor mounted power rakes.

** Note: all Harley Power Rakes have a 90 day lead time **

** Note: all Harley Power Rakes have a 90 day lead time **

The Harley power rake is the perfect landscaping choice for athletic field conditioning, golf course maintenance, turf removal, de-thatching, topsoil conditioning, and preparation of worn grass areas for reseeding. Harley rakes use a blunt tooth design on the rotor, which "golfs" rocks as small as 1/2" off the seedbed during the final skim pass. The resulting pebble-free dimpled subsurface promotes moisture retention, seed to soil contact and seed germination.

The patented Rhino Hide barrier lets you control particle size and speed of drying wet areas. This allows you to work sooner and finish faster. The winged end plates allow raking close to sidewalks and foundations. The end plates have multiple positions to aid in wind rowing rocks and debris for faster site clean up.

This machine acts like 4 machines in 1 - it rakes, levels, grades, windrows and removes debris.

More Information
  • Working width: 48"
  • Working width at 15° angle: 46"
  • Recommended tractor horsepower: 15-25
  • Category 1 three point hitch
  • Rhino-Hide™ Urethane roll back barrier to control particle size