Harley Rake is a powerful landscpaing tool for preparing sites for seeding and sodding, maintaining accurate grade and clearing rocks from job sites.

** Note: all Harley Power Rakes have a 90 day lead time **

Professional landscapers know that the Harley Rake is one of the best tools to have on hand for tackling a wide variety of applications. This Harley Rake has a working width of 84" and is powered by the skid steer hydraulics. A robust chain side drive, and powerful hydraulic motor transfer power to the heart of the Harley Rake - the carbide toothed rotor.

Harley Power Rakes feature the patented, adjustable, Rhino-Hide barrier which allows the operator to quickly react to soil moisture conditions and adjust the size of the finish material. The pure carbide toothed rotor ensures the best possible seedbed sub-base fracture pattern. Quick adjust endplates allow for wind-rowing and reverse raking - no need to undo bolts, just pull the pins and go.

The Harley Rake will allow the contractor to get on the jobsite earlier when moisture conditions may not be optimal for other landscaping tools. The raked seedbed will dry out earlier and warm up faster, allowing for earlier seeding and sodding.

** Note: all Harley Power Rakes have a 90 day lead time **

More Information
  • Universal skid steer mount
  • Includes hydraulic angle cylinder
  • Overall width: 93"
  • Raking width: 84"
  • Raking width at full angle 79"
  • Recommended hydraulic flow range: 15 - 25 GPM
  • Dual independently adjustable gauge wheels
  • Pure carbide proprietary teeth design