Maschio A Rotary Tillers offer a wide working width for lower horsepower tractors and lighter commercial applications. If you are looking for a 6 foot tiller, but only have 45 to 60 horsepower, then this model may fit your needs.

Model A rotary tillers are fitted with a stout roller drive chain to provide smooth power transmission from the tractor PTO to the tilling blades. The complete transmission system is protected by a friction disc slip clutch on the PTO shaft. The clutch can be adjusted for different tilling conditions and tractor horsepowers to ensure that the machine performs without a hitch.

The rotor is fitted with 4 blades per flange, a setup which requires a lower horsepower to run. C-shaped blades are standard on the model A for general tilling use. The machine is perfect for many landscaping uses - preparing ground for grass seeding, leveling job sites, and tearing up worn out lawns prior to re-sodding.

Side depth skids keep the tilling depth at the correct level, and a heavy trailing board levels out the ground behind the tiller. The machine can also be operated with the trailing boards raised which producs a rougher, cloddier finish. This application works well for tilling food plots and other cover crops in the fall, allowing the ground to trap moisture and prevent water runoff over the winter. Hitting the ground with one pass in the spring will make the perfect seedbed for the next year's crop.

The central gearbox is built with quality tapered roller bearings and oil seals, keeping dirt out and the precision cut bevel gear set in good operating condition. The gearbox is rated to 60 horsepower and is fitted with an oil level dipstick so that it is easy to check for the correct oil level. The roller chain is housed in a sealed oil bath with a chain tension bolt that is very easy to adjust.

With all of these features it is easy to see why the Maschio A Rotary Tiller is one of the best-selling tillers in the Maschio line-up. 

More Information
  • 73" working width
  • Category 1 or 2, 3-point hitch
  • Depth control skids, working depth to 7"
  • #100 roller chain
  • 4 blades per flange (36 total blades)
  • Shipping weight: 687 lbS