Tractor mounted rotary tiller designed for farm tractors up to 250 horsepower. Working width 140".

The Model G Maschio rotary tiller is designed for the toughest of applications. This machine has many uses in the industrial arena: soil stabilization, top soil production, land clearing, and general site work. It requires a big tractor to operate, and can handle a tractor up to 250 horsepower. With the addition of side disc coulters, tillage depth up to 12" can be obtained. The blades are secured with a double flange kit for extra strength.

A radiator style oil cooler is standard equipment on the model G. The radiator circulates oil in the main gearbox so the machine can be run in hot conditions for an extended period of time. The truss design of the frame adds extra strength where it is needed most.

Equipped to fit Category II or Category III tractor hitches. The 1,000 rpm gearbox is equipped with a gear shift lever for changing rotor speeds. Available rotor speeds are 161, 178, 196, 216, 238, and 263 rpm.

More Information
  • Working width: 143"
  • Category 2 or 3 3-point hitch
  • Depth control skids, working depth to 11"
  • 6 blades per flange (84 total blades)
  • HP range: 200-250
  • Overall width: 152"
  • Shipping weight: 3,440 lbs
  • Optional: Front depth control wheel kit
  • Optional: Side disc coulters
  • Optional: Cage roller kit G350
  • Optional: Packer roller kit G350