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A complete tillage head ready to mount on a Multivator FL frame assembly. Head SKU and width range:


  • M510070001 - 5.5" to 7" overall
  • M510070002 - 7" to 10" overall
  • M510070003 - 12" to 15" overall
  • M510070004 - 16" to 20" overall
  • M510070005 - 20" to 24" overall
  • M510070006 - 28" to 32" overall

Multivator FL heads are used with the FL frame package. The tillage head clamps to the FL tool bar, and the hex drive shaft is pushed through the top drive sprocket to power the head.

To determine the correct tillage head width to use, measure the width between the rows of the crop. The Multivator head width is measured across the shielding; tillage width is slightly less than overall width. The narrowest tillage head uses one flange set on each side of the drive case. As head width increases another set of blade flanges is added to the rotor.

More Information
  • Ground clearance 16" under hex bar
  • Floating shield assembly
  • Fits all FL frame assemblies