QA-KX080 TACH-ALL (Kubota KX-080-3 with QA mount)


Kubota Mini-Excavator adapter plate, designed to allow the use of skid steer attachments on the mini-excavator.

ATI, the premier manufacturer of tractor adapter plate systems, produces a range of adapters designed specifically for mini-excavators. These adapter plates allow the operator to quickly change from excavator bucket to other attachments designed for skid steer mount. The most obvious attachment would be a set of pallet forks for unloading landscaping material on the job site.

This adapter plate will add versatility to the mini-excavator, and reduce machinery costs by allowing attachments to work across multiple prime movers.

More Information
  • Designed for Kubota Mini-Excavators with Kubota QA mount
  • Custom built, lead time 14 days