Rotary rake with a 10' raking width, designed for smaller operations and tractors.

The Sitrex SR/320 Rotary Rake is the perfect tool for smaller farms and operations where high quality hay is essential.

Besides the very popular finger wheel rakes, Sitrex also manufactures a rotary rake that uses cam activated rake tines to pick up the hay and move it into the wind row. There are two benefits to using a rake with this type of raking action. The first is that the hay is handled very gently, and leaf loss is kept to a minimum. The second is that wet heavy hay can be handled with ease. In some cases where a finger wheel rake may leave heavy hay behind, the rotary rake will make a clean sweep and have no trouble moving it.

The windrow that is created with a rotary rake is considered to be the fastest drying windrow because it is fluffy and has plenty of gaps for air to circulate through. Raking with a rotary rake is usually slower than with a wheel rake, but for certain customers, a rotary rake is essential for a perfect raking job.

More Information
  • Rake width: 10'
  • Pull type with hydraulic lift cylinder
  • Tandem wheel kit
  • Cam activated rake tines
  • PTO powered tine arms