Seal kit for Bradco hydraulic cylinder repair.

Item no. 45617 is a replacement seal kit for Bradco hydraulic cylinders with 2.50 outside diameter, and 1.25 cylinder rod diameter.

Bradco hydraulic cylinders are precision engineered and manufactured in Dexter, Michigan. By manufacturing hydraulic cylinders in-house, Bradco can insure a high quality product that performs in the demanding world of construction, landscaping, demolition and site work.

Many Bradco products use hydraulic cylinders, and each cylinder is sized correctly to the job at hand. Using in-house cylinders, high quality hydraulic hoses, precision valves and controls, all helps to create a product that will provide years of service, many of them maintenance free.

Sometimes hydraulic cylinders need a little TLC. In many cases, older cylinders that have been used hard, and possibly stored outside, just need to be cleaned up and fitted with new seals, wipers and O-rings. Another reason that Bradco designs and builds their own cylinders, is to insure that repair kits are readily available, which helps to keep maintenance costs down. Replacing an entire cylinder can be an expensive proposition. Replacing a seal kit is a much less expensive remedy.

This cylinder seal kit is used on the Bradco 3375 backhoe stabilizer arm cylinders. It is also used on the Bradco 408 bucket cylinder, and the Bradco Stump Grinder swing and lift cylinders.

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