Commercial grade post driver for fencing contractors, or large operations with many miles of fencing to install and maintain.

Shaver post drivers can be mounted on a tractor or skid steer loader and are powered hydraulically. Oil from the tractor hydraulic system raises a spring loaded driving ram. At the touch of a lever on the hydraulic valve, the oil dumps back into the tractor reservoir and the spring loaded ram strikes the post, driving it into the ground.

The operator has complete control over the driving operation. The post is held in place with a spring loaded safety arm, allowing the operator to stand well to the side of the driving operation. Gentle blows start the post into the ground. At full stroke, the ram delivers from 30,000 lbs of impact on the HD-8, to 100,000 lbs of impact on the HD-12.

All Shaver drivers tilt and offset to make driving a vertical post easy. The tilt and offset functions are handled mechanically with a screw crank system, or hydraulically with the aid of cylinders. There are three models of driver to choose from. Commercial fencing operators will want to choose either the HD-10 or HD-12 model. The HD-12 delivers 100,000 lbs of impact at full stroke and can handle posts up to 10.75”in diameter. It requires 15 gpm at 2,000 psi.

More Information
  • Impact: 100,000 lbs.
  • Max post width: 10.75"
  • Max post length: 10'
  • Tilt and offset: 20° front to back, 25° side to side
  • Flow requirement: 15 GPM
  • Hydraulic base plate for tilt and offset is standard
  • Contact us for a complete price quote with mounting options