TR Series rakes are pull-type, in-line hay rakes with single side delivery. This rake requires a tractor with a minimum of 35 horsepower and one set of hydraulic remotes.

Sitrex TR S-Series rakes are pull-type side delivery hay rakes that are easy to hook up and easy to use. The main beam supports a series of in-line raking wheels that rake hay in one direction only. All of the raking wheels raise and lower at the same time; the only adjustment that needs to be set is the angle at which the rake is going to operate.

Raking angle is controlled hydraulically from the tractor seat. Raking angle controls raking width. Maximum raking width on the 7-wheel rake is 14'9". Maximum raking width on the 9-wheel rake is 18'. The rakes can be used at narrower raking widths simply by adjusting the angle of the drawbar. These rakes are designed for fast ground speeds, and work extremely well in flat to gently rolling conditions. We do not advise using the in-line rakes in very hilly conditions.

More Information
  • Rake width: 18'
  • Number of rake wheels: 9
  • Single acting cylinder to raise rake wheels
  • Third transport wheel on drawbar
  • 55" diameter ground-driven rake wheel
  • 7mm rake tines
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