High capacity Sitrex V-Rake for large dairies and commercial hay operators.

The Explorer V-Rake is the "baby brother" to the Sitrex Magnum V-Rake. The Explorer offers many of the same features as the Magnum in a scaled down package. Like the Magnum, the Explorer rake wheels are out in front of the frame and transport wheels. This makes the Explorer a high capacity rake, however the main beam and cylinders are positioned lower to the ground.

The Explorer is available in an eight, ten, or twelve wheel configuration. The throat opening at the back of the rake is adjustable to control the width of the windrow. The main wheel beams are fully articulated, and the rake wheels are mounted on an independent suspension system to follow the ground contour. Each rake wheel is 55" in diameter and sports heavy-duty 7mm rake tines. Optional equipment includes a dual center wheel kit, and a hydraulic single side opening kit.

More Information
  • Raking width max: 23'
  • Transport width: 8'3"
  • Number of rake wheels: 12
  • Transport wheels: 205-65/R15
  • Adjustable rear opening for windrow width
  • Variable raking width controlled hydraulically
  • Independent rake wheel arms w/ suspension
  • 55" diameter ground-driven rake wheel w/ 7mm tines
  • Optional: dual center wheel kit - Item No. S220658
  • Optional: hydraulic single-side kit - Item No. S220434