Pull-type V-Rake for a wider raking width with simple operator controls. Adjustable raking width out to 20'8", rakes to the middle only.

Sitrex Carted Rakes offer an affordable solution for the operator that needs a larger rake than the RP series, and wants the ease of use of a pull type hay rake.

The H90 series utilizes a rake cart, or caddy, with two RP rakes mounted on it. This combination makes a low cost V-rake for wider raking widths and faster raking. Crop driven rake wheels are gentle on the hay, creating a fluffy windrow. The V-rake will only rake to the middle, which can potentially be a drawback. However, the H90 series rake can be modified so that one side can be raised and lowered at a time. The H90 cart utilizes two double acting cylinders to raise and lower the main beams of the rake.

The RP rake that is mounted on the cart has a spring loaded headstock. While the rake is in operation, the springs carry the weight of the rake, providing flexibility. Although the beams do not operate independently like the larger MX and MK series rakes, they work well in flat to gently rolling ground.

More Information
  • Max. rake width: 20'
  • Number of rake wheels: 8
  • Two double acting cylinders to raise rake wheels independently
  • One set of tractor remotes required
  • 55" diameter ground-driven rake wheel w/ 7mm tines
  • Transport tires: 195-65/15
  • Optional: H90 center wheel kit - Item No. S210577