The premier Sitrex High Capacity V-Rake for large beef and dairy operations, and custom contractors.

Sitrex Magnum Evolution rakes represent the second generation of the flagship Sitrex rake, the Magnum series. The design of the Magnum rake has been refined, reinforced, and streamlined creating another winner for the Sitrex brand.

These are true high capacity wheel rakes for fast, efficient raking. Articulating main beams follow the ground contours, and individual rake wheel arms allow for even greater flexibility over all types of terrain. Sturdy transport wheels and wheel forks allow for towing at highway speeds. We fit the Evolution rake with larger 60" diameter rake wheels, and 7.5 mm rake tines, for handling hay in all conditions, wet or dry.

The Magnum rake is the centerpiece of the Sitrex hay equipment line. With the Evolution series the Magnum now represents the cream of the crop in high capacity raking. Magnum - a rugged, affordable rake for large hay operations and custom contractors.

More Information
  • Maximum raking width: 30'
  • Number of rake wheels: 16
  • Articulating frame follows ground contours
  • Adjustable rear opening for controlling windrow width
  • Variable raking width controlled hydraulically Independent rake wheel arms with suspension
  • 60" diameter ground-driven rake wheel with 7.5 mm tines
  • Optional: MK hydraulic center wheel kit - Item No. 250440
  • Optional: Hydraulic single side kit - Item No. 250445
  • Optional: Tandem rear wheel kit - Item No. 250441
  • Optional: Light kit - Item No. 250278
  • Optional: Hydraulic rear opening kit - Item No. 250444