Super high capacity V-Rake with larger diameter rake wheels and rubber mounted raking teeth.

Sitrex PRO/17 is a high capacity rake for custom operators, or large dairy operations, where raking in dry and wet conditions is required. Rubber mounted teeth on large diameter rake wheels provide a gentle crop pick-up, and can handle the heaviest and wettest raking conditions that may be encountered.

All functionality of the rake is handled from the tractor cab via the electro-hydraulic control valve and multi-function control panel. Raking width and angle, independent side operation, and raising and lowering of the rake wheels are functions that are controlled from the panel mounted in the cab.

The main beams of the rake are mounted on a stout frame and walking beam transport wheels. Every component on this rake screams BUILT STRONG. It is designed for maximum duty, maximum crop flow, and fast, reliable operation.

More Information
  • Maximum raking width: 29'
  • Transport width: 12'3"
  • Number of rake wheels: 17
  • Rake wheel diameter: 60"
  • Teeth per wheel: 36
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