Pull-type V-rake with adjustable raking width and windrow width. Maximum raking width of the QR/8 is 18'.

The Sitrex Q-Rake has been developed from the ground up as a hybrid cross between the H90 carted rake and the high capacity MX rake. The H90 offers the functionality of a V-rake in a very economical package. It was created by mating a simple rake cart with two 3-point hitch rakes. The MX rake, on the other hand, is a true high capacity V-rake loaded with features.

The Q-Rake offers the best of both worlds. It was developed as a complete package, not pieced together like the H90. It offers the ease of use and functionality of a carted rake, with some of the high capacity features of its big brother the MX rake.

The Q-Rake folds up with less height than the H90 so it will transport better, and offers improved stability on slopes. The Q-Rake can be operated with one side up and one side down without modifying any hydraulics. The Q-Rake frame sits higher off the ground than the H90 so it has the ability to handle larger volumes of hay.

More Information
  • Max. rake width: 19'
  • Number of rake wheels: 8
  • Adjustable windrow & working width
  • Single side raking function built in
  • Integral frame design
  • 55" diameter ground-driven rake wheel w/ 7mm tines
  • Optional: QR center wheel kit - Item No. S230371
  • Optional: Hydraulic kit to adjust raking angle - Item No. S230735