A tedder is an essential piece of equipment for most hay making operations. A tedder spreads the hay out for faster drying, and is a must when hay gets rained on. Sitrex tedders are functional and affordable. They come in two rotor, four rotor, and six rotor models, and are primarily sold in pull-type versions for easy hook up. Working speeds up to 10 m.p.h. can be obtained with a tedder. Transport tire sizes are 16x6.5. Safety guards and PTO slip clutch are standard equipment on all Sitrex tedders. RT5200H and RT5800H models are equipped with hydraulic folding wings. All four-rotor models utilize universal joint couplers at the folding section.
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SpecificationsTedder width: 17' Number of rotors: 4 Pull-type Mechanical spring-assist lift Universal joint couplers at folding section Overrunning ratchet clutch standard 16x6.5-8 transport tires Transport width: 10'