Adapter kit to allow tractor 3-point hitch attachments to be used on a skid steer loader.

This ATI adapter attaches to the universal hitch on the skid steer, or track loader. The skid steer adapter allows for the use of standard tractor 3-point attachments on the skid steer loader.

Many common tractor attachments can be used effectively on a skid steer. Landscape rakes, grading tools, ground rippers, box scrapers and post drivers are examples of tractor attachments that can be used effectively on a skid steer.

Our skid steer adapter is built from high quality steel, with professional welding, and reinforcing gussets at all of the high stress areas. The attachment is complete with Category I ball ends with a sliding linkage system so they can be positioned in multiple locations. Optional Category II ball ends are available for larger tractor attachments. The optional trailer hitch receiver for moving trailers around will make the skid steer even more productive.

The ATI Skid Steer to Three Point Adaptor allows the owner to maximize the use of three point attachments, improving the productivity, and profitability of any operation.


1. How can I use 3-point attachments on my skid steer?
A 3-point adapter kit can be mounted on a skid steer, which allows for use of 3-point attachments on the skid steer.

2. What 3-point attachments can I use on my skid steer?
Converting the skid steer to 3-point hitch allows for using landscaping rakes, grader blades, trenchers and post drives on a skid steer.

More Information
  • Universal quick attach mount 
  • Ball ends at all three hook up points
  • Adjustable width lower linkage to accomodate different attachments
  • Optional Category II ball ends (SKU 001-001-029 not sold seaprately)
  • Powder coat paint