Replacement tooth set for Bradco 60" Magnum Mulcher.

Bradco mulcher replacement tooth kit containing 44 double sided claw style teeth.

Claw style teeth are designed for more aggressive cutting action when mulching in softer woods. claw style teeth are not designed to be used with extremely hard wood, as the wear rate will increase to an undesirable level. When working with hard wood, Bradco recommends using a carbide tipped tooth for extended wearing life.

Bradco replacement claw teeth have a faster working rate when compared to carbide tipped teeth. The aggressive cutting and ripping action can provide a 30% increase in productivity when used in the right conditions. Double sided teeth allow for twice the working life, reducing down time and maintenance costs.

Teeth are fastened to the rotor with high grade, fine thread metric bolts and heavy duty lock washers. It is not necessary to replace the mounting hardware when replacing the teeth. Tooth mounting lugs are welded to the mulcher’s balanced rotor. It is possible to replace a mounting lug on the rotor as long as the welding is done by a high quality welding shop. It is important to maintain rotor balance due to the high rotational speed of the rotor.

This replacement mulcher tooth kit has the following specifications:

  • Number of teeth: 44
  • Tooth style: reversible, claw style
  • Note: mounting hardware not included
  • Shipping weight: 170 lbs.
  • Note: ships truck freight due to package weight
More Information
  • Number of teeth: 44
  • Reversible double-sided claw style tooth
  • Designed to fit current 60" Magnum Mulcher