The ZHE-2500 is the ultimate mowing machine for tractors up to 160 HP. This unit is designed to work for hours on end, and handle the toughest mowing conditions.

The Ferri ZHE-2500 is the largest and heaviest slope mower offered by Ferri. This unit offers several design features that will be appreciated by the professional operator. Due to the wide 8' cutting width, and 12' maximum reach, this machine MUST be operated on a tractor suitable to carry the weight of the machine and operate safely with no danger of tractor roll-over.

The hull of the machine features a double skin inner lining for additional protection from rocks and debris. The mechanical breakaway device is fitted with spring assist to control the breakaway. Valve shut-off handles are provided on hydraulic lines to lock the machine into transport mode, eliminating the need for safety chains during transport. Stout hammer blades will cut brush up to 2" in diameter.

Ferri ZHE-2500 has been designed from the ground up to provide the professional contractor, municipal operator, or roadside mowing crew with a machine to meet the most demanding conditions in large area mowing.

More Information
  • Cutting width: 8'2"
  • Maximum offset: 12' (Offset measured from center line of tractor to right hand edge)
  • Flail head operating angle: 60º down, 90º up
  • Tractor HP range: 100-160
  • Minimum tractor weight: 8818 lbs.
  • Gearbox overrunning clutch
  • Rotor with internally sealed bearings
  • Blades: 26 hammer style
  • Inner hull lining for protection
  • Side skids standard
  • Rear adjustable roller 6.5" diameter
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