Best Products for Hobby Farming

Best Products for Hobby Farming

The Weekend Warrior product range consists of several product groups - rotary tillers, finish mowers, sickle bar mowers and slope mowers - designed specifically for the hobby farm market. If you have a compact tractor and work it hard on the weekends, doing chores like maintaining grass walking trails, mowing around the pond, tilling the veggie garden and cutting a little hay, then this line up is built with you in mind.

Why pay for a machine that is designed for a 100 horsepower tractor? That may be overkill for what you need. Weekend Warrior machines are designed and built by the same team that engineers the full range of Maschio agricultural products. However that team realizes that there are applications that don't require the ruggedness and heft of machines built for traditional agricultural uses.

This line up is specifically designed for smaller compact tractors, typically in the 20 to 40 horsepower range. Hooking up is easy, as everything is built to fit a standard Category 1 quick hitch. Horsepower requirements are minimized by the design of the machine - for example a four blade flange on the standard duty tiller. Adjustment and maintenance can be done on the farm, without the need to visit the dealer.

The standard duty Weekend Warrior Rotary Tiller is one of the most versatile tools for the hobby farmer. From seed bed preparation, to landscaping jobs, to cover crop mixing, and food plot tillage, this is the one machine that can do it all.

If you love having a well maintained lawn and you have a lot of ground to cover, check out the Maschio J210 Finish Mower. With an 84" working width and adjustable cutting height, this mower will get the job done quickly, all while making your tractor more productive.

For the farmer that grows a few acres of hay, why not hook up a sickle bar mower to that compact tractor? These mowers are light enough to use on a 25 HP tractor, and cut a wide swath. In addition to mowing hay ground, they can add versatility by mowing down pond banks and waterways.

When time is at a premium, choose the tools that help you get the job done efficiently and won't break the bank. Our lineup of Maschio Weekend Warrior attachments will help you reach those goals.