Sitrex Mini-Round Baler

Sitrex Mini-Round Baler

The Sitrex M50 Mini-Round Baler is a great tool for small farms with limited horsepower tractors.

This rugged little baler will kick out round bales that are super easy to handle and secured with a tight film wrap. The baler can be operated with tractors as small as 18 pto horsepower, which puts it into a class all by itself!

In addition, the baler is not too heavy to run on sloped ground, and works extremely well in tight places and narrow rows. The baler pickup is only 33" wide, and the entire unit weighs just over 800 lbs.

Bale size is approximately 20" diameter x 27" wide (50cm x 70cm).  Bale weight usually runs between 40 and 50 lbs.

We have special closeout pricing on several M50 balers, please contact us for more details.