The TP610 boom arm mower is a long reach, heavy duty machine for municipal use.

TP boom arm mowers are professional machines designed for farm use, municipality use, and applications where continuous mowing is expected and demanded. TP models are equipped with an oil cooler system so that the machine can be used for long stretches of time without concern of overheating.

TP610 offers an exceptional horizontal reach of just under 20' from the tractor center line. This is a tough built unit with drop forged connection fittings between the linkage arms and the flail head.

As with all Ferri boom arm mowers, the machine is mounted on the tractor three-point hitch. The unit can be removed easily and the tractor is available for other duties. You do not need a dedicated mowing tractor with Ferri boom arm mowers.

TP610 Farm model is available with reliable and simple cable controls. The flail head is 48" wide and fitted with Y-shaped flails, or hammer blades if the primary application is brush maintenance.

More Information
  • Tractor Horsepower: 70 to 90 HP
  • Tractor Weight (Minimum): 7050 lbs.
  • Tractor Width (Minimum): 7′ 3″
  • Max. Horizontal Reach: 19′ 5″ (From tractor center line to head edge)
  • Flail Head Width: 48″
  • Flail Head Angle: 190°
  • Articulated “Y” Blades: 44
  • Rotor RPMs: 3,100
  • PTO RPMs: 540