The Ferri TXV Boom Arm Mower is the ultimate machine for municipal use. It features a proprietary design boom that can position the flail head to the right of the operator for increased performance.

Ferri TXV Boom Arm Mowers are designed for municipality use, where constant mowing is required. The TXV offers a unique advantage that is not found in smaller boom arm mowers. The flail head on the TXV can be positioned directly to the side of the tractor which allows the operator to look immediately to the right to monitor the unit. This reduces operator fatigue and increases work rate.

The TXV60 boasts a 20' horizontal reach when operated in the standard position behind the tractor. When the boom is angled forward, and the flail head is perpendicular to the cab, the horizontal reach is reduced slightly to 18'.

TXV is mounted to the tractor three point hitch, and the independent hydraulic system is powered by the tractor PTO. For certain tractors a rigid rear axle mounting system may be required to provide additional stability to the tractor rear end.

Mower positions are controlled by the electro-hydraulic joystick, and rotor on-off and bi-direction is controlled by a cable system.

More Information
  • Tractor Horsepower: 90 to 120 HP
  • Tractor Weight (Minimum): 8000 lbs.
  • Tractor Width (Minimum): 7′ 7″
  • Max. Horizontal Reach: 20′ 6″ (with head behind the tractor)
  • Max. Horizontal Reach: 18′ 2″ (with head in forward position)
  • Flail Head Width: 48″
  • Flail Head Angle: 235°
  • T-Hammer blades: 18
  • Rotor RPMs: 3,000
  • PTO RPMs: 540
  • Optional joystick control