Dual rear disc mowers, equipped with roller conditioners and belt merger system.

The heart of the SaMASZ GigaCUT system is the KDD Dual Rear Disc Mower. KDD disc mowers offer all of the top performing features of SaMASZ mowing units including the PerfectCUT cutter bar with a quick blade change system. The patented SafeGEAR system ensures that each disc module is protected with a shear key device, and if damaged will not do further damage to the entire cutter bar. Additionally, each gear module can be individually serviced and replaced if necessary.

KDD-WT mowers are equipped with roller conditioners and a belt merger system. The roller conditioner is powered by the cutter bar gearbox and a belt and gear system that ensures both rollers are powered continuously. The merger system is powered by an independent hydraulic system, and allows the swaths to be placed on top of each other directly behind the tractor. The belt merger system can be raised out of the working position if the hay is to be spread out for drying or tedding.

When equipped with a front mount KDF disc mower, this triple gang mowing system has the capacity to work approximately 27 acres per hour. That is getting the job done!

More Information
  • Working width: 30'10" (9.4M)
  • Transport width: 9'8" (3.0M)
  • Transport height: 13'
  • Swath width (without merger): 2 x 6' to 7.5' wide
  • Required remotes: 3 x single acting (or 1 x single acting with control panel)
  • Working capacity: approx 27 acres per hour
  • Disc: 16 (with 32 knives)
  • Category III hitch
  • Power requirement: minimum 180 PTO HP
  • Optional hydro-pneumatic suspension (factory installed)
  • Optional: topping skids, and double topping skids (for additional cutting height)