From the family of Twinstar Hay Rakes comes the Lonestar Rake, a single basket rake designed for smaller haying operations that still demand the very best in hay production techniques.

The Lonestar Rake offers many of the same benefits as the larger Twinstar V-Rake, the most important being the ability to produce the cleanest hay and most consistent windrows. Cleaner hay provides the highest quality feed, ensuring that animals receive proper nutrients, and ensuring higher returns for your operation.

Lonestar Hay Rakes are designed for functionality and longevity in demanding conditios. Hydraulically driven rubber mounted tines allow the operator to match the basket and ground speed to the crop conditions. This helps produce consistent windrows that dry faster and are ready for baling sooner.

Offset wheels follow ground contours and baskets can be hydraulically raised if needed to avoid obstacles. Lonestar Rakes are designed for operators who expect reliability, longevity and high performance.

More Information
  • Raking width: 9'3"
  • Transport width: 13'
  • Operating speed: 8 mph
  • Hydraulic basket lift
  • Adjustable valve to control basket speed
  • Adjustable basket angle, 40 to 65 degrees
  • 5 Bar Baskets are equipped with 24″ diameter drive & idler wheels
  • Idler wheels are laser cut from 3/8″ high strength steel
  • Hydraulic requirement: 8 GPM
  • Hydraulic drive motor mounted to independent bearing housing and shaft
  • Basket rake assembly equipped with torsion axle
  • Self-aligning idler hub